Black Cloister Brewing Company®


The idea for Black Cloister Brewing Company® was born from a trio of inspirations: a love of great beer, a desire to build community in Toledo, and a wish to give back. The founders of BCBC had a vision, but the roadmap to bring that vision to fruition required guidance from forward thinking advisors who could understand and share their passion.

Our Marshall Melhorn team saw the desire and determination of the Black Cloister Brewing Company founders, so we sprang to action to assist in all aspects of the startup, including organizational documentation and filings, capital raising, leasing, intellectual property, employment, and vendor support.

The company took shape, the founder’s mantra “Brew good. Do good.” took hold, and the community came forth with their patronage and support of the brewery. The company’s successes continued with Black Cloister Brewing Company winning 2015 Best Bar in Toledo and 2017 Silver Medalist at the Best of Craft Beers Awards for Chained Dog Belgian Ale. The brewery has continued to expand its reach with each success; and with growth, new legal issues arise. With each, we stand ready to provide the cost-effective legal support needed to allow the principals of the company to focus on what they do best - “Brew good. Do good.”