After Hours


Clients should reasonably be able to ask “what type of person is my legal advisor?”  Here we show how our lawyers are more than their legal skillset and experience. We want to know our clients, and we want our clients to know us.

Keefe Snyder

Sharing a Passion for Beer and Creating Enjoyment for Others


Keefe’s dream of opening a brewery was recently achieved when he and a partner opened Earnest Brew Works, located in South Toledo.  The word earnest means “serious in intention, purpose, showing depth and sincerity.” This captures Keefe to a “T” as well as the brewery’s attitudes towards beer.

“I knew I was hooked for life after I brewed my first batch. Brewing to me is a perfect blend of technical merit and artist expression. It satiates my desire to produce something that others enjoy, and it is so rewarding when it is appreciated.” We invite you to follow Earnest Brew Works on Facebook for the latest news.


Josh Didion

Beyond the Nuts and Bolts: Building Something that Lasts


In his free time, Josh enjoys working with his hands to create and build. Josh offers, "It might be because so many of my ancestors were builders.  I recently traced my lineage back to Johan Didion, a wagon maker, who immigrated from Bavaria in 1862.” 

Josh particularly enjoys using reclaimed wood from dilapidated barns; he sees it as an opportunity to preserve a piece of their history before it is lost. His latest projects include a coffee table, kitchen table, and picture shelves all of which he’s currently using, but as he said “I’ll probably give them away to family and friends as soon as I get the itch to build something new… it’s happened before.”

Shawn Nelson

A Life of Discovery in the Heart of Toledo


Not only does Shawn work downtown, he and his family live here. He enjoys spending time with his family and being a part of downtown Toledo’s revitalization.  To Shawn, “Living downtown offers a unique experience for a young family. We are able to watch boats go by on the Maumee River from our window, and walk to the Farmer’s Market, Middlegrounds Metropark, Mudhens games and Imagination Station.” Shawn often walks to work.

Ben Sutter

The Great Outdoors


When he isn’t in the office, Ben enjoys being outdoors and learning about conservation. “I grew up hunting and fishing with my dad,” Ben says. “I learned from a young age that we have a duty to respect and value wildlife.” Today, Ben enjoys hunting and fishing with his brothers and cousins whenever the opportunity presents arises. He also loves to learn about the pioneers of Western conservation, such as Theodore Roosevelt and Aldo Leopold.  If Ben isn’t in the office, he is sure to be found on his father-in-laws farm enjoying the company of Ohio’s diverse wildlife.


As an alumnus of Tiffin University, Ben loves to remain connected with the students and professors who guided him through his undergraduate education. Today, Ben continues to be involved with his alma mater as an adjunct professor and instructor. “Tiffin University was the place that taught me to think critically and where I learned to love the law,” Ben says. “I enjoy working with students and teaching the lessons that I learned when I was on campus.” As a former varsity football player at Tiffin, Ben loves to return to Frost-Kalnow Stadium to watch the Dragons play on Saturday afternoons.