Dino Drafting


Marshall Melhorn business attorneys ‘dug deep’ into their dino knowhow to draft a multiparty agreement, which met the client’s goals and carefully minimized the risk of loss at each critical step of the transaction. The agreement provided, amongst other terms, how the ‘dino-hunter’ (a.k.a paleontologist) was granted access to a South Dakota landowner’s property (the suspected resting place of the beast known as Teddy the Triceratops), how the excavation and delivery processes were conducted, and what percentage of the fossils came from the same animal.

By the time Teddy left the Emory University lab where he was cleaned and mounted for his new home in Michigan, over a year had passed and dozens of people had been involved in bringing him back from the dead – well, kind of. Only through a deep understanding of risk and liability, combined with creativity and problem-solving skills could our attorneys accurately design the agreement and legal protections for the client (and Teddy.)