Pipeline Negotiations


The huge supply of natural gas in the shale of northern Appalachia has ignited unprecedented development in pipeline and related construction in Ohio and Michigan.  There are interstate, intrastate, local utility service lines upgrades, collection lines for oil and gas utilities, and lines for gas-fired electric utilities. Many of the companies installing these utilities attempt to use eminent domain as leverage against landowners to obtain the easements necessary to cross their land. Our attorneys stand ready to help landowners.

Marshall Melhorn represented almost 400 landowners, negotiated easements over 600 tracts of land - about 700,000 linear feet of pipeline - on the Rover, Nexus, Utopia and Oregon Lateral pipelines. 


We understand pipelines. Amongst many other material terms, we negotiate various structures for compensation, construction standards, and tax consequences. We have even negotiated and drafted for the sale of pipelines.  

We have represented landowners through eminent domain, not just in pipeline cases, but also for road, school, and other public uses. Our attorneys possess the experience to assist our clients through the complicated legal landscape of these cases. We understand the timing and other leverages that our clients need to use to maximize their compensation and protections.