Consumer Goods


Our experienced attorneys work diligently to secure and protect the intellectual property rights of their clients so they maintain a competitive advantage. 

Our clients include individuals and businesses that are invovled in the creation and manufacture of a wide variety of consumer goods. We work with creators of goods ranging from sporting equipment to mobile device solutions to handheld items like cigar cutters and mobile camea accessories and more. We have experience working with inventors from the beginning development stages to product completion, ensuring their intellectual portfolios are seucre and protected. 

We provide our clients with copyright, trademark, trade secret, and patent related legal services so they maintain an advantage in a competitive marketplace. 

Our work includes:

  • Counseling clients on use and response to cease and desist letters
  • Obtaining and maintaing granted patents and trademark registrations
  • Monitoring granted patents and trademark registrations for infringements
  • Preoaring clearance opinions
  • Assisting and counseling clients in designing around problematic patents
  • Educating clients on a wide array of intellectual property related matters